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[مركز #الحياة للإعلام يقدم مرئي: #من_الداخل 5]
مركز #الحياة للإعلام يقدم مرئي: #من_الداخل 5
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From: osamamahr
[Saying Thanks and Beyond Is Saying Thank You Enough?]
A simple response of “Thank You’ seems inadequate when you are on the receiving end of an act of kindness. My wife, Elsie disabled from a fall at the age of 75, received such attention as she approach...
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From: mapekedi
They say it happened in 2001. On the campus of the new university of Brooks, northern Ontario, two students were in love, Si and Tony. An important person, Cynthia, wanted Tony for herself. Now Si had...
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From: mapekedi

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